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Yangzhou Hurricane Lanterns Co Ltd

Company Profile
Company Description:
We mainly handle exports of
Hurricane lanterns,kerosene lanterns,pressure lanterns,gas lanterns,kerosene lamps,LED lanterns,gas mantles,lantern globes,lamp chimneys,lamp wicks ( cotton wicks and fiberglass wicks ).
Kerosene stoves ( kerosene wick stoves and kerosene pressure stoves ),kerosene heaters,patio heaters,barbecure grills,kerosene
stove wicks,kerosene heater wicks.
White candles,tealight candles,candle lanterns,candle holders,patio torches,smudge pots,garden torch wicks and candle wicks.
Charcoal Irons,hand drills,breast drills,ratchet drills,hand oil pumps,hand-operated grinding-wheel machines.
Meat mincers,corn grinders,sausage stuffers,ice shaving machines,wheatgrass juicers,pasta machines,ham-making machines and corn
Our website: http://www.sundries-export.com
Company Type: Manufacturer
Trade Leads list from this Company:
1. [Sell] Paraffin Stoves
2. [Sell] Petromax Lanterns
3. [Sell] LED Lanterns
4. [Sell] LED Hurricane Lanterns
5. [Sell] Wheatgrass Juicers
6. [Sell] Sausage Stuffers
7. [Sell] Sausage Stuffers
8. [Sell] Corn Threshers
9. [Sell] Pasta Machines,Noodle Makers
10. [Sell] Grain Mills
11. [Sell] Grain Grinders,Corn Grinders
12. [Sell] Meat Mincers
13. [Sell] Hand Drills,Breast Drills,Ratchet Drills
14. [Sell] Hand Grinding Wheel Machines
15. [Sell] Hand Oil Pumps
16. [Sell] Charcoal Irons
17. [Sell] Kerosene Heaters
18. [Sell] Kerosene Stoves
19. [Sell] Kerosene Heater Wicks,Fiber Glass Wicks
20. [Sell] Kerosene Stove Wicks,Cotton Wicks
21. [Sell] Cotton Candle Wicks
22. [Sell] Gas Mantles
23. [Sell] Hurricane Lantern Wicks,Braided Cotton Wicks
24. [Sell] Kerosene Lamp Wicks,Cotton Braided Wicks
25. [Sell] Tealight Candles
26. [Sell] White Candles,Household Candles
27. [Sell] Candle Lanterns,Candle Holders
28. [Sell] Patio Torches,Garden Torches
29. [Sell] Gas Lanterns,Gaslight Mantles
30. [Sell] Pressure Lanterns,Petromax Lanterns
31. [Sell] Hurricane Lanterns,Kerosene Lanterns
32. [Sell] Charcoal Irons,Iron Padlocks,Brass Padlocks,Kerosene Stoves,Kerosene Heaters,Patio Heaters,Kerosene Lanterns
33. [Sell] Meat Mincers,Meat Grinders,Domestic Grinders,Sausage Stuffers,Ice Shaving Machines,Juice Extractors,Noodle Machines
34. [Sell] Kerosene Lanterns,Hurricane Lanterns,Gas Lanterns,Pressure Lanterns,Candle Lanterns,Kerosene Lamps,Patio Torches
35. [Sell] Patio Torches, Garden Torches,Tabletop Torches,Candle Lanterns,Kerosene Lamps, Kerosene Lanterns
36. [Sell] Hurricane Lanterns, Kerosene Stoves, Kerosene Heaters,Charcoal Irons,Padlocks,Meat Mincers
37. [Sell] Kerosene Lamps

Contact Information
Company Name: Yangzhou Hurricane Lanterns Co Ltd
Contact Person: Zhou Bin Inquire Now
Address: 3/F,Foreign Trade Mansion.No.18,West Wenchang Road.Yangzhou.
Zip: 225012
Telephone: 86-514-87955800
Fax: 86-514-87850800
Web Site: http://www.sundries-export.com
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