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DaXingAnLing Virgin Forest Plant Products Co., Ltd.(info2 at virginforestplant dot com)

Company Profile
Company Description:
(info2 at virginforestplant dot com)DaXingAnLing Virgin Forest Plant Products Co., Ltd. is the leader of China in the area of vegetable oil and plant extract. The company is located in XiaoYangQi town, DaXinganLing, it is an enterprise that have its own entity factory.
Till now, we are focus on people foremost and lead “limit production to market ability” as our principle. We have more than 120 employees, fifty percent of them are technical staff; and we owned the most professional team in technology research and development field.
Our main products are plant extract and vegetable oil. Also we have deeply cooperation with some famous universities in other plant field.
Welcome to visit our factory and give us some directions.
Company Type: Exporter, Manufacturer
Trade Leads list from this Company:
1. [Sell] Herba Asari Oil
2. [Sell] Sage Oil
3. [Sell] Cyperus rotundus Linn Oil
4. [Sell] Lavender Oil
5. [Sell] Rosemary Oil
6. [Sell] Lignum Dalbergiae Odoriferae Oil
7. [Sell] Cassia oil
8. [Sell] Fructus Forsythiae Oil
9. [Sell] Hemlock Parsley Oil
10. [Sell] Fennel Oil
11. [Sell] Myristica Oil
12. [Sell] Black Pappermint
13. [Sell] Evening Primrose Oil
14. [Sell] Litsea Cubeba Oil
15. [Sell] Perilla Leaf Oil
16. [Sell] Patchouli Oil
17. [Sell] Bilberry Powder
18. [Sell] Cranberry Powder
19. [Sell] Rose Hip Powder
20. [Sell] Back Currant Powder
21. [Sell] Elderberry Powder
22. [Sell] Blueberry Powder
23. [Sell] Cranberry P.E.
24. [Sell] Rose Hip P.E.
25. [Sell] Back Currant P.E.
26. [Sell] Elderberry Anthocyanin
27. [Sell] Bilberry Anthocyanin
28. [Sell] Cactus P.E.
29. [Sell] Eyebright P.E.
30. [Sell] Nomame P.E.
31. [Sell] Hawthorn Berry P.E.
32. [Sell] Wild Yam P.E.
33. [Sell] Siberian Ginseng P.E.
34. [Sell] Horsetali P.E.
35. [Sell] Horse Chestnut P.E.
36. [Sell] Magnolia P.E.
37. [Sell] Angelica P.E.
38. [Sell] Astragalus P.E.
39. [Sell] Puerariae P.E.
40. [Sell] White kidney bean P.E.
41. [Sell] White Willow Bark P.E.
42. [Sell] Tribulus terrestris P.E.
43. [Sell] Soybean P.E.
44. [Sell] St.John's wort P.E.
45. [Sell] Silybin
46. [Sell] Red Clover P.E.
47. [Sell] Resveratrol P.E.
48. [Sell] Pomegranate Hull P.E.
49. [Sell] Paeonol
50. [Sell] Ginger Root P.E.
51. [Sell] Gynostemma Pentaphylium P.E.
52. [Sell] Ginseng P.E.
53. [Sell] Echinacea Purpurea P.E.
54. [Sell] Chinese wolfberry P.E.
55. [Sell] Corn Stigma P.E.
56. [Sell] Black Cohosh P.E.
57. [Sell] Medicinal Indianmulberry Root P.E.
58. [Sell] Grape Seed Extract
59. [Sell] Blueberry Anthocyanin
60. [Sell] Epimedium P.E.
61. [Sell] Silene otites P.E.
62. [Sell] Maca P.E.

Contact Information
Company Name: DaXingAnLing Virgin Forest Plant Products Co., Ltd.(info2 at virginforestplant dot com)
Contact Person: Cindy Zhang(info2 at virginforestplant dot com) Inquire Now
Address: 118 YongXin Road, SongLing District, DaXingAnLing City, HeiLongJiang, China
Zip: 165000
Telephone: 0086-452-6188288
Fax: 0086-452-6188355
Web Site: http://www.virginforestplant.com
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