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DaXingAnLing Koralle Bioengineering Co., Ltd.(info@healthynaturalcolor.com)

Company Profile
Company Description:
DaXingAnLing Koralle Bio-tech Co.,Ltd, which was established in March 2003. Our company lies in JiaGeDaQi, DaXingAnLing Region where is the only no-pollution forest in the world.
The wildlife resources at this place are richful.There are many kinds of natural plants here,including Wild blueberry and lingonberry.Company introduces European raspberry planting about 2,000 acres. The annual output of raspberry is 3,000 tons.
Our leading products are as follows:
1. Natural pigment: More than 50 kinds of natural pigment like Fucoxanthin,Spirulina Blue Color,Blueberry Anthocyanin,Elderberry pigment,Carthamus Red and Carthamus Yellow etc.
2. IQF fruit: including IQF blueberry,IQF lingonberry, IQF black currant,IQF red
3. Concentrate: lingonberry concentrate, blueberry concentrate, black currant concentrate.
Products have been turned around from research and development stage to mass production. More than 90% of our products are exported to Japan and Europe. To meet the requirements of customers,the company expanded Cold Storage in 2005. The annual output of blueberry and lingonberry can reach 3,000 tons now.
Warmly welcome customers domestic and abroad.
Company Type: Exporter, Manufacturer
Trade Leads list from this Company:
1. [Sell] black soybean hull extract
2. [Sell] Fucoxanthin
3. [Sell] Gardenia Red
4. [Sell] Gardenia Blue
5. [Sell] Spirulina Blue Color
6. [Sell] Zeaxanthin
7. [Sell] beta-carotene
8. [Sell] Alkannin
9. [Sell] Logwood Color
10. [Sell] Black Rice Pigment
11. [Sell] Carthamus Yellow
12. [Sell] Carthamus Red
13. [Sell] Blueberry anthocyanin
14. [Sell] Grape Seeds Extract
15. [Sell] apsaicin
16. [Sell] maca extract
17. [Sell] banaba leaf extract
18. [Sell] 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran (nettle root extract)
19. [Sell] Tongkat Ali Extract
20. [Sell] 6,7-dihydroxybergamottin(nettle root extract)
21. [Sell] Arbutin
22. [Sell] Impatie Balsamina L. Color
23. [Sell] Fruit Powder
24. [Sell] Canthaxanthin
25. [Sell] Madder Lake Color
26. [Sell] Elderberry Extract
27. [Sell] Elderberry pigment
28. [Sell] Black Bean Red
29. [Sell] Wolfberry Color
30. [Sell] Black Currant Color
31. [Sell] Lingonberry Red
32. [Sell] Purple Corn Color
33. [Sell] Tomato Color
34. [Sell] natural carotenes
35. [Sell] mixed carotenoids
36. [Sell] Corn Color
37. [Sell] Hippophae Rhamnoides Yellow
38. [Sell] Buddleia Yellow
39. [Sell] Orange peel pigment
40. [Sell] Orange Yellow
41. [Sell] Chrysanthemum Yellow Pigment
42. [Sell] Celandine extract
43. [Sell] Carthamus Red
44. [Sell] Carthamus Yellow
45. [Sell] Radish Red
46. [Sell] Black Rice Pigment
47. [Sell] Black Glutinous Rice Pigment
48. [Sell] Black Sesame Seed Color
49. [Sell] Sandalwood Red
50. [Sell] Logwood Color
51. [Sell] Sweetberry Honeysuckle Red
52. [Sell] Tamarind Color
53. [Sell] Vaccinium bracteatum thumb leef color
54. [Sell] Gromwell Pigment
55. [Sell] Alkannin
56. [Sell] Sodium copper chlorophyllin
57. [Sell] Beet Red
58. [Sell] Turmeric Colour
59. [Sell] Indigo
60. [Sell] Chinese jujube haematochrome
61. [Sell] Litmus
62. [Sell] beta-carotene
63. [Sell] Zeaxanthin
64. [Sell] Astaxanthin
65. [Sell] Spirulina Blue Color
66. [Sell] Red Kojic Rice
67. [Sell] Gardenia Blue
68. [Sell] Gardenia Red
69. [Sell] Roselle Red
70. [Sell] Fucoxanthin

Contact Information
Company Name: DaXingAnLing Koralle Bioengineering Co., Ltd.(info@healthynaturalcolor.com)
Contact Person: Crystal Han(info@healthynaturalcolor.com) Inquire Now
Address: N0.2YongXing Street,XiaoYangQi Town,SongLing District,DaXingAnLing City,HeiLongJiang,China
Zip: 165000
Telephone: 0086-452-6101658
Fax: 0086-452-6101659
Web Site: http://www.healthynaturalcolor.com
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