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DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co.,Ltd (info3 at snowlotusbiotech dot com)

Company Profile
Company Description:
DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co., Ltd. reposed on DaXingAnLing where is the only no-pollution forest in the world. The company is a research and production of specialized enterprises plant extracts. It has advanced extraction facilities and recruit top-ranking extract technicists.
Our product raw material mainly is wild, pure, natural. The main products are the extracts of saponin, plant extract,for example, saikosaponin natural products, phytolacca americana, araboglycyrrhizin, squarroside, gymnocladus saponin and other natural saponin products.
We can provide the products with high quality and reasonable prices. We sincerely hope you can be satisfied with our products and services.
Company Type: Exporter, Manufacturer
Trade Leads list from this Company:
1. [Sell] Pycreus globosus extract
2. [Sell] Eriophorum vaginatum extract
3. [Sell] Eleocharis acicularis extract
4. [Sell] Eleocharis ovata extract
5. [Sell] Cyperus amuricus extract
6. [Sell] Carex lanceolata extract
7. [Sell] Zizania latifolia extract
8. [Sell] Tyiticum aestivum extract
9. [Sell] Spodiopogon sibiricus extract
10. [Sell] Sorghum vulgare extract
11. [Sell] Setaria viridis extract
12. [Sell] Setatia italica extract
13. [Sell] Poa annua extract
14. [Sell] Phragmites australis extract
15. [Sell] Phleum pretense extract
16. [Sell] Phalaris arundinacea extract
17. [Sell] Pennisetum flaccidum extract
18. [Sell] Miscanthus sacchariflorus extract
19. [Sell] Leymus secalinus extract
20. [Sell] Leymus chinensis Extract
21. [Sell] Hordeum vulgare Extract
22. [Sell] Hierochloe Odorata Extract
23. [Sell] Eriochloa villosa Extract
24. [Sell] Eragrostis pilosa Extract
25. [Sell] Eragrostis ferruginea Extract
26. [Sell] Echinochloa crusgalli Extract
27. [Sell] Digitaria ischaemum Extract
28. [Sell] Coix lacryma-jobi Extract
29. [Sell] Chloris virgata Swartz Extract
30. [Sell] Beckmannia syzigachne Extract
31. [Sell] Avena sativa Extract
32. [Sell] Arundinella hirta Extract
33. [Sell] Arthraxon hispidus Extract
34. [Sell] Alopecurus aequalis Sobol Exreact
35. [Sell] Agropyron cristatum Extract
36. [Sell] Aeluropus littralis Parl Extract
37. [Sell] Achnatherum splendens Extract
38. [Sell] Butomus umbellatus Extract
39. [Sell] Sagittaria trifolia Extract
40. [Sell] Alisma orientale Extract
41. [Sell] Triglochin palustre Extract
42. [Sell] Potamogeton maackianus Extract
43. [Sell] Potamogeton crispus Extract
44. [Sell] Sparganium coreanum Extract
45. [Sell] Typha angustifolia Extract
46. [Sell] Youngia stenoma Extract
47. [Sell] Xanthium sibiricum Widder Extract
48. [Sell] Turczaninowia fastigiata Extract
49. [Sell] Tephroseris kirilowii Extract
50. [Sell] Taraxacum mongolicum extract
51. [Sell] Tanacetum boreale extract
52. [Sell] Syneilesis aconitifolia extract
53. [Sell] Sonchus oleraceus extract
54. [Sell] Solidago vigaurea extract
55. [Sell] Siegesbeckia glabrescens extract
56. [Sell] Serratula coronata extract
57. [Sell] Serratula centauroides extract
58. [Sell] fucoxanthin 5%,10%
59. [Sell] Serratula centauroides extract
60. [Sell] Scorzonera austriaca extract
61. [Sell] Rhaponticum uniflorum extract
62. [Sell] Picris davurica extract
63. [Sell] Olgaea leucophylla extract
64. [Sell] matricaria matricarioides extract
65. [Sell] Ligularia sibirica extract
66. [Sell] Chrysanthemum lineare Matsum extract
67. [Sell] Leontopodium conglobatum extract
68. [Sell] Leibnitzia anandria extract
69. [Sell] Lactuca sativa extract
70. [Sell] Kalimeria integrifolia extract
71. [Sell] Ixeris denticulata extract
72. [Sell] Inula helenium extract
73. [Sell] Gnaphalium baicalense extract
74. [Sell] Galinsoga parviflora extract
75. [Sell] Senecio argunensis extract
76. [Sell] Inula britanica extract
77. [Sell] Heteropappus hispidus extract
78. [Sell] Helianthus tuberosus extract
79. [Sell] Helianthus annuus extract
80. [Sell] Filifolium sibiricum extract
81. [Sell] Eupatorium lindleyanum extract
82. [Sell] Erigeron acer extract
83. [Sell] Echinops gmelini extract
84. [Sell] Doellingeria scaber extract
85. [Sell] Dendranthema morifolium extract
86. [Sell] Dahlia pinnata extract
87. [Sell] Crepis crocea extract
88. [Sell] Cosmos bipinnata extract
89. [Sell] Cirsium esculentum extract
90. [Sell] Chrysanthemum coronarium extract
91. [Sell] Carthamus tinctorius extract
92. [Sell] Carduus crispus extract
93. [Sell] Callistephus chinensis extract
94. [Sell] Calendula officinalis extract
95. [Sell] Cacalia hastata extract
96. [Sell] Cacalia auriculata extract
97. [Sell] Bidens tripartita extract
98. [Sell] Bidens bipinnata extract
99. [Sell] Atractylodes chinensis extract
100. [Sell] Aster ageratoides extract

Contact Information
Company Name: DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co.,Ltd (info3 at snowlotusbiotech dot com)
Contact Person: Lina Zhang Inquire Now
Address: 10 GuangHui Road,Songling District,JiaGeDaQi Town, DaXingAnLing City, HeiLongJiang, China
Zip: 165000
Telephone: 0086-452-6166168
Fax: 0086-452-6166200
Web Site: http://www.snowlotusbiotech.com
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