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Manav Health Fitness Club And Gym [India]

Manav Health Fitness Club and Gym. All types of exercises like dance,Aerobics, Stretching, Floor exercise, Weightloss, Bodyfitness Dietplan. for more information contact us on +91-9824614705 or mail us on manavhealthclub@gmail.com, hi5san105... More

   Placed by Manav Health Fitness Club And Gym

Luxury Calf And Foot Massager [India]

Features:1) Simultaneously provides invigorating massage to feet, ankles and calves2) Pressure nodes located under the soles of your feet stimulate the vital reflexology pressure points3) Customize your massager with 3 kneading massage programs and vibrat... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Ankle Leg Foot Massager [India]

Features:Massage whole foot, also can choose massage special partTwo foot massage at same timeUser is not limited by time and spaceCan be used after bath, before sleep, watching TV, very convenient, simple and effectiveConcavo convex design can massage fo... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Portable Steam Sauna (PSF2) [India]

Features:Height: 105cm (not including head cover),Width:74cm Length:93cmFlexible Fiberglass rods to support the thermal coverWith head cover to care for faceFold up the unit for easy and compact storage.Can be used with beauty products such as bath lotion... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Fitness Equipment of Portable steam bath [India]

Offering Fitness Equipment for Home Use.Offer Description Approx 4.5 ft. high, 3 ft. Broad and 3.5 ft long. Portasteam is rectangle in shape so that person can comfortably sit inside with the head out and inside it is spacious enough for movement.It has a... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Portable Portasteam Bath [India]

We offer our Portable steam bath with lots of benefits.PORTASTEAM improves the metabolic function, stimulates the sebaceous glands, removes subcutaneous dirt and discharge the fat of the sebaceous glands. This will keep the skin moist, smooth and glossy.P... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Exercise & Portasteam of Folding Steam Bath [India]

Exercise & Portable Steam BathFor people who are unable to exercise regularly, PORTASTEAM presents the ideal solution. As 10 to 30 minutes use of PORTASTEAM makes you perspire the same amount as if you had run for 2 to 10 kms.Please contact us on +91-... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Portable steam bath Equipment [India]

Use of PORTASTEAM will help to discharge excess body fluid, subcutaneous fat as well as salt out of the body. This would balance your weight through the consumptions of the calories, thus controlling obesity.E.g. 1. When u run for jogging in the morning ,... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Infra Chi Morning Walker [India]

The Infra Chi Machine Deluxe has a heated foot massager which delivers precise stimulations to vital points of the sole and achieves all the benefits of Reflexology.Perfect for all members of the family, including the elderly.The Infra chi machine aerobic... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Personal Portable Steam Sauna Bath [India]

STEAM Sauna, a personal portable steam bath requiring no installation, no plumbing and to specialized electrical hookups. Steam bath which originated from Finland has been poplar among many areas especially north Europe, Japan, Australia, USA and now it's... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

India's First Portable Steam Sauna Bath System [India]

We are offering Portable Steam Sauna Bath System.Now No need to expense monthly rental for taking steam for your full body, or there is no requirement for setting up the steam chamber at your home by expensing 3 to 4 lakhs.Now take steam and fold the cham... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Ankle / knee Foot Massager [India]

We offer our Foot Massager with details.Reduces muscle fatigues and Improves Blood Circulation.Relieves from various diseases/ ailments.Enhances the functions of internal organ.Balances autonomic nervous systemIncreases the breathing capacityImproves bodi... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Infra red Morning Walker & Foot Massager [India]

Features: Speed range from 1 to 15 6 infra red lamps Vibrator with acupressure to relax feet Comes with digital remote Free twister Comfort cushion.... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Household Health Care Equipment [India]

We offer Household Health Care Equipment with following features :-Portable Steam Sauna Bath.-Burns Calories.-Detoxifies Your Body.-Glow Your Skin Look Young.-Benefits Of Aroma Therapy.-Aroma Therapy For Healing.-Soothing Of Your Mind Body & Spirit.-F... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Ayurveda Steam Bath Chamber [India]

We are offering Ayurveda steam bath chamber- Ayurveda steam equipments : - Portable Steam Bath(For Herbal Steam Bath) : If you are looking for Panchakarma equipments for your Ayurveda center, Spa, Massage center, Panchakarma center or home, we will be hap... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Infra Morning Walker [India]

Infra Morning WalkerUse Dream Walker if you have problems like: Lack of exercise and poor circulation Tired and sore muscles Poor digestion, constipation Arthritis, back pain, bone spurs Nervousness, general pain and insomnia Poor functioning of internal ... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Portable Steam Bath [India]

Portable Steam BathBenefitsRelieve joint or muscle pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain, sports injuryFor better kidney and digestive system. Weight loss burn 600 calories in thirty minutesCure our cough and coldSkin care - excellent results in the... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.

Web Hosting (DOJ204091) [Bahrain]

DreamHost are leaders in web hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated hosting, shared hosting and cloud web hosting. Free 2 week shared hosting trial http://www.dreamhost.com/... More

   Placed by dreamsonlinejobs

Step 2 Well: Fitness Club and Gym [India]

Step 2 well fitness club. All types of exercises like dance, Aerobics, Stretching, and Floor exercise, Weightless, Body fitness Diet plan. For more information contact us on +91-9558822035 or Mail us on step2well123@gmail.com infocom217... More

   Placed by India

Promote Your Business (saira) [United States of America]

Anti-Vitiligoâ„¢ Oil is a natural herbal recipe for re-pigmentation in vitiligo and also in many other conditions associated with hypo-pigmentation. Anti-Vitiligo is cur rently the most effective external treatment for vitiligo. The cumulative sales data ... More

   Placed by Antivitiligo.com
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