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Double Acting Oleodynamic Cylinders - Hydraulic Cylinders [Italy]

Our Oleodynamic Hydraulic Cylinders (double acting cylinders)We manufacture medium/large double acting hydraulic cylinders for construction machinery in medium-small batches. Hydraulic cylinders for construction machinery can be manufactured on our design... More

   Placed by cabshrge7rto

Hydraulic Oleodynamic Cylinders for Construction Machinery [Italy]

Hydraulic cylinders for construction machineryCharacteristicsConstruction yards are difficult work environments that put construction machinery and their hydraulic cylinders to the test for what concerns sturdiness and long-term durability.These sites are... More

   Placed by cabshrge7rto

Hydraulic Cylinders for Automotive Applications [Italy]

Hydraulic Cylinders for Automotive ApplicationsCylinders' CharacteristicsHydraulic cylinders used in automotive applications undergo occasional use. Nevertheless, they must always be efficient, safe and reliable when engaged. They are often employed in en... More

   Placed by cabshrge7rto

Hydraulic Cylinders for Drilling Rigs - Cylinders from Italy [Italy]

Hydraulic Cylinders for Drilling RigsCylinders' CharacteristicsConstruction yards are difficult work environments that put drilling rigs and their hydraulic cylinders to the test for what concerns sturdiness and long-term durability.Drill rigs often work ... More

   Placed by cabshrge7rto

Oleodynamic Cylinders: Hydraulic Cylinders for Earth Moving Machinery [Italy]

Hydraulic Cylinders for Earth Moving MachineryOleodynamic Cylinders' CharacteristicsConstruction yards are difficult work environments that put earth moving machines and their hydraulic cylinders to test the for what concerns sturdiness and long-term dura... More

   Placed by cabshrge7rto

Cold forging metal parts [Malaysia]

Million Interwork Sdn. Bhd. specializing in manufacturing & designing cold forge metal parts. We currently supplies cold forgings to numerous markets including: Light and Electronic metal parts, Automobile industry, loudspeaker metal parts, motorcycle... More

   Placed by Million Interwork Sdn. Bhd.

Cold forging nonstandard parts [Malaysia]

forging,forged,CNC,gear,forge,tube,pipe,spacer,rivet,washer,Screws,Bolt,axle,thumb,pin,forming,thread,tapping,speaker,yoke,flange,Shafts,bits,sleeves,loctite,spacer,t-yoke,pot,bush,Fastener,boss,rod,... More

   Placed by Million Interwork Sdn. Bhd.

Agricultural machine spare parts [Guyana]

TRACTOR PARTS: FIAT, FORD, FOTON Accessories Air System Body Part Brakes Clutch Cooling System Differential Electrical Engine Bottom Engine Parts Engine Top Front Axle Fuel System Gearbox Hydraulic Oil System Power Take Off Rear Axle Steering Towing/Lift ... More

   Placed by Nand Persaud Group

Industrial R.O. 3000 LPH [India]

Industrial R.O. 3000 LPHWe are Industrial Reverse Osmosis plants manufacturer of small & medium capacity since 2000. This system is designed, developed and programmed for the long and dependable services. Our Industrial reverse osmosis water purifiers... More

   Placed by Landmark Inc.


DUAL ROD CYLINDERS - PNEUMATIC CYLINDERSThe dual rod HPSK series is available in four sizes from Ø16mm to Ø32mm and made in two versions with brass bearing or ball bushing guide for piston rods. Due to their compact and reduced dimensions together with ... More

   Placed by Vesta Srl.


TIE RODS PNEUMATIC CYLINDERSThe XJC series from Ø160mm to Ø320mm are made in round barrel + tie rods version.The giant cylinders XJC series for heavy applications, produce a huge force up to 5000Kg at 6 bar with Ø320mm size.... More

   Placed by Vesta Srl.


LINEAR PNEUMATIC GUIDE UNITSLinear guiding units GLH and GLC series are available as accessories to support motion of ISO cylinders.As strong and precise guide systems they are made in two versions : with brass bearing or ball bushing guiding of shafts. R... More

   Placed by Vesta Srl.


MECHANICAL OPERATED VALVESVCL series is a wide range of mechanically operated valves with 1/8" or 1/4" ports as well as mini version with Ø4mm tube ports.VCL series includes roller lever, lateral roller lever or pin operator version.... More

   Placed by Vesta Srl.


MANUAL OPERATED VALVESVCM series for manual operated valves includes 1/8" - 1/4" and mini sizes with 3/2 - 5/2 - 5/3 functions. They are available with lever, button, rotating selector or pedal operator.... More

   Placed by Vesta Srl.


ROTARY PNEUMATIC CYLINDERSCRW rotary cylinder series is made by rack and pinion arrangement in a range from Ø25mm to Ø100mm sizes with torque force up to 20Kgm.Available with male or female pinion, with final angular adjustment in 90° - 180° - 360° s... More

   Placed by Vesta Srl.


NAMUR VALVESThe NAMUR valves NM series are available in the size of 1/4" ports with all functions 3/2 - 5/2- 5/3 in pneumatic pilots as well as solenoid valves version.... More

   Placed by Vesta Srl.


MANIFOLD OF PNEUMATIC VALVESManifold of 1/8" - 1/4" for K or E series of valves and solenoid valves. Available in all functions of valves up to 16 valves station positions.... More

   Placed by Vesta Srl.


ELECTRICAL ACTUATORSESNW series of electrical actuated cylinder in size Ø32mm and Ø50mm allows very precise and controlled linear motions like repeatibility and speed variations, high accuracy of positioning or sinchronized movements. Motion is made by ... More

   Placed by Vesta Srl.


PNEUMATIC COMPACT VALVES ISLANDThe modular 4HF series island of valves is a very compact and flexible solution for manifold systems.It is made in multiple connection with SUB D 25 pins or SUB D 37 pins and available up to 32 solenoid operators with all fu... More

   Placed by Vesta Srl.


CUSTOM DESIGNED PNEUMATIC PRODUCTSUpon request VESTA developes and produces also special series of components in order to meet custom needs. VESTA technical dptm is always available to evaluate new products in order to grant the right technical solution :... More

   Placed by Vesta Srl.
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