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neck traction fixer

Offer Details
Offer Type: Sell
Subject: neck traction fixer
Offer Details:
Dear sir :
We are manufacturer of neck traction fixer in China .The neck traction fixer is used to cure neck diseases. Our product is FDA approved. We are looking for distributors to distribute our neck traction fixer all over the world .If you have interest in our neck traction fixer, please contact us.
Introduction of the Neck Traction Fixer:
The DX-series of Neck traction Fixer is a new type neck tractor as a product of health care. This Neck Traction device elongates and exercises the neck and decreases the pressure between the discs. Frequent usage can promote better blood circulation and stress relief, Air Neck Traction Fixer system allows for deep neck muscle relaxation. The neck traction would assist to relief the tension, neck pain, muscles spasms, stress and pressure in the neck area.
It is a product that combine the traction, fix, and magnetic cure and health care, especially helpful for the mid age and old age people and computer operators and officers who will feel uncomfortable in neck area after work or after standing, sitting, or walking all day. The net weight of the neck traction fixer is about 220g.
The character of the Neck Traction Fixer:
1) Our product is the Class I device, has got 3 exclusive patents (Invention Patent, New Practical Patent and Shape Patent) and is FDA certified product.
2) The Necktraction Fixer has the ability to adjust to different diameters and heights. The diameter scope is from 8.9cm to 15.3cm. The heights scope is from 1cm to 24cm. The circumference of the Necktraction Fixer can adjust from 28cm to 48cm.
3) The traction power can reach 80kg.
4) The net weight of the Necktraction Fixer is 250g.
5) Inner of the Necktraction Fixer is made from the rubber latex; the outside of the Necktraction Fixer is made from the cotton flannel. The linker and pneumatic bulb are made from the rubber latex.
6) The person who always sits before the office table takes in the writing, or operating the computer or other work. And the driver always sits in the whole day. These persons have the pain neck disease or often feel fatigue in the neck area. Our products can help them reduce the pain and cure and prevent neck pain and fatigue, muscles spasms.
There are two models as DX-A and DX-C.
DX-A is that the Neck Traction Fixer without the magnets.
DX-C is that the Neck Traction Fixer with the magnets.
The differences between DX-A and DX-C:
The appearance of the DX-C is same the DX-A. The difference is the magnets. Inside of the second layer there are three magnets, which is made by 1600 gauss magnet. The 3 points lie in respectively Fengchi point—Fengfu point—Fengchi point, which can stimulate the circulation of blood. On the surface of DX-C is the material of far infrared.
The net weight of the each neck traction fixer is about 250g.
Characteristic of use:
A) Practical and Effective: Not only can be used inside and outside the room, but also can be sued in sitting, traveling and lying. Frequent use of the product would effectively aid the prevention and treatment of cervical spondylopathy; alleviate the fatigue in neck area.
B) Convenient for carrying: a handy design for carry-on easy.
C) Simple operation: it is portable and adjustable of angle and strength of traction by yourselves.
D) Safety: this product causes no pain, risk used and any side effect if used in accordance with the instruction given.
Beijing Daxiang New Material and Technology Co.
6/F,No.22Fucheng road ,Haidian district,Beijing,China
Annie Li

Contact Information
Company Name: beijing daxiang new material and technology co.
Contact Person: Annie Li Inquire Now
Address: 6/F,No.22Fucheng road ,Haidian district,Beijing,China
Zip: 100036
Telephone: 861068719303
Fax: 861068372489
Web Site: http://www.chinadaxiang.com
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