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Bio Truck Wash (Vehicle cleaner)

Offer Details
Offer Type: Sell
Subject: Bio Truck Wash (Vehicle cleaner)
Offer Details:
Bio Truck Wash products are specially formulated cleaners designed specifically for the cleaning of inside and outside of vehicles. Bio Truck Wash 1 contains bacteria to degrade and digest organic matter causing odors from inside of trucks, trailers, railway cars, etc. Outside of vehicles can be cleaned with Bio Truck Wash 2. It penetrates and removes grease, oil, dirt, road film, exhaust deposits and bug residue. The bacteria contained in the product work to degrade and digest the organic residues that are washed off the vehicle.
Bacteria Concepts is a manufacturer of thirty-five different biological (bacteria/enzyme based) products. All of our products are environmentally friendly, safe to use, and biodegradable. Some of our product applications include drain line/grease trap maintenance, odor elimination, degreasing, stain removal, carpet cleaning, septic tank treatment, portable toilet treatment, animal waste degradation, composting, truck washing, aquaculture, and waste water treatment.
Contact Bacteria Concepts, Inc. (U.S.A.):
Phone: (1) 630-261-0061
Fax: (1) 630-261-0064
Web Page: http://

Contact Information
Company Name: Bacteria Concepts Inc
Contact Person: Len D. Bryan Inquire Now
Address: 1400 Brook Drive
Zip: 60515
Telephone: 1-630-261-0061
Fax: 1-630-261-0064
Web Site: www.bacteriaconcepts.com
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